About Nicole

Iv’e has worked as a PA, an editor, a director and a producer and at any given time I can be found working in any of those capacities in order to get the job done. I love producing and bringing life to the vision but I also love editing, it’s a never ending dichotomy.

I learned my craft years ago but it was taken to another level when I obtained three degrees in Broadcast Communications, Television Production Technology and Digital Media Technology. I had Emmy winning, stickler, no nonsense professors who taught me to do it right the first time from rolling cable to organizing a bin to lighting and framing a shot. I’m unnerved by mediocrity in media.  If I occasionally find my own work falling into that category, I am compelled to reshoot, re-edit or whatever is required in order to elevate it to the level I find acceptable. My desire is to make positive images that are technically proficient, visually pleasing and emotionally pertinent. I’m humbled to be able to do what I love and I appreciate every second of it.

My Emmy winning documentary short can be viewed here. Project specific reels and references from award winning media professionals are available upon request.